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Casting an unlikely spell, Houm conveys not just the tenacity but the tragedy of that longing. Rave Erin Britton , Nudge. The Gradual Disappearance of Jane Ashland is a suspenseful exploration of just how far down the rabbit hole of grief it is possible to fall. The switching between the desolate Norwegian landscape in which Jane finds herself trapped and the circumstances of her prior domestic life with her family, which was not without its own sense of confinement, works strikingly well, highlighting just how far Jane has fallen into despair and desolation and how her psyche perhaps needs to be fully broken before she can begin the process of healing.

Mehrdad Afsari

Houm manages to inject humor into the most unlikely places. Her story is compelling, both her present predicament and the secrets lurking in her past, with a dark, mysterious undercurrent that moves the action forward at a rapid pace. The Gradual Disappearance of Jane Ashland is a short yet undeniably weighty book, and it makes for a hugely enjoyable read.

Rave Malcolm Forbes , The National. Houm discloses only so much and at just the right junctures What we get is simplicity that is strangely compelling and quietly unsettling.

Every so often Houm surprises and impresses with either a bout of profound thinking or a lyrical flourish The Meursault Investigation. The Thief. Fuminori Nakamura, trans. Award Winners. The Infatuations. The Catholic School. Get the Book Marks Bulletin Email address:. Graphic Novels. Even though most optimistic projections indicate a short period around twenty years we still have enough time left to get ready for this new era.

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Facing such societal pressure, social instability will very likely dangerously escalate if nothing is done with regard to this new situation. Counting solely on Schumpeterian creative destruction to help us out of this gridlock is just another self-deception.

Nevertheless, the measures to be taken to mitigate the effects of a labor transition should not be worked out after the fact, lest they be counterproductive. We should, by our own volition, move with this shift and adapt how we work on a regular basis.

In that respect, a universal basic income seems to be one of our best tools for a medium-term solution, but also a tool which brings significant immediate risks. They consider those drawbacks as an ontological toxicity of basic income and the roots of what they see as the ideological disaster of the century. Changing minds is never that easy.

What do I see?

If UBI is totally decorrelated from economic reality, it would be at best ineffective, and at worst harmful for economic vitality by punishing entrepreneurship and active workers to the point that everybody would be penalized, even those it is supposed to help. As a first step, with a polarized economy as David Autor described it, a negative income tax may be more effective due to the fact that the labor market, even though it has started to dry out, is still a reality.

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During the Swiss referendum of , a universal basic income proposal was rejected. For example the DARPA Grand Challenge in the early s launched autonomous vehicles, a development which is in turn today revolutionizing occupations like taxidriver, whose very existence is threatened. The only jobs to persist will be those needing creativity and an ability to work with artificial intelligences, an aptitude that will be seen as a positive skill and then as a way to achieve a larger social valorisation.

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At some point, the switchover to mass automation will be so overwhelming that the negative income tax will probably become toxic while a universal basic income will more efficiently stabilize our societies. To conclude, consider a hypothetical question: What will society look like at a time when the last human with a wage-earning job loses it? In the societies which favorize stability and status-quo, such creative destruction through innovation appears as a dangerous risk.

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Then innovation would be contained by artificial regulations in order to prevent that society to be challenged. To avoid a society of inaction, the link between the real economy and income must be kept alive.

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Nowadays, a majority of people experience that linkage through alternate periods of prosperous full employment, and less dynamic periods of mass unemployment. In addition, a mix between crowdfunding, massive online open courses and pervasive 3D printing technology may lead to a post-industrial society where individuals are far more autonomous. Crowdfunding will enable huge funding out of public money or without dependency on great industrially dominant companies; MOOCs will give free access to knowledge for all, making social barriers to access to education obsolete; and generalized 3D printing will make obsolete factories, economies of scale, and flow or stock management, enabling someone to access the worldwide global market without any need of support from a major industrial group.

And if copyright regulation is implemented to have an optimal duration - which is around 15 years according to a study by Rufus Pollock - thereupon we might be at the threshold of a new era of economic prosperity. However, even in that society, we must keep universal basic income connected with the real economy by keeping it connected to GDP.

With that link, basic income will diminish during times of economic crisis, forcing people to question their behaviors. Perhaps it will enable a wide understanding in the general public opinion for the need to support those innovation-friendly policies and measures increasing economic fluidity, which are favourable to full prosperity.

The Gradual Disappearance of Jane Ashland

If nothing is done though to avoid brutal downgrades for people that become unemployable due to biological limitations, we will slide into dystopian societies trapped between the disappearance of humankind, and ultraviolent revolts very disruptive for both societies and economies. Unless action is taken, society will have greater inequality than we have today. And very polarized societies are known to be generally unstable and dangerous ones, including for the wealthiest individuals.

That said, even if today a universal basic income seems unavoidable after the disappearance of work, the path to that era is still a long one. David Autor And The Rise Of Polarization So the question everybody is asking anxiously remains an open-ended one at this point: will mass automation of the economy wipe out labor? Idleness society and copyright society To conclude, consider a hypothetical question: What will society look like at a time when the last human with a wage-earning job loses it?