A Nation Within

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The History of the American Occupation of Hawai'i

A seminal discussion of the black power movement based in both the ideological and the practical activities of a local organization led by one of the most important political and cultural figures in the post-World War II United States. A well researched book.

A Nation within a Nation

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American Studies. African American Studies. Home Close. It is strange to find that while the claims were patented, after a short few years they were all but shut down. Tin City, bearing the hope of American industrial independence was all but forgotten and the efforts of Bartels fell into obscurity. As countless stampeders had spread throughout Alaska and Canada following the metal madness, World War I drained America of probably its most valuable of resources, people.

Smith: Alberta should become a nation within a nation

In September the U. Situated on the westernmost tip of the Seward Peninsula, as well as the most westerly point of land on the entirety of the North American continent, this facility was built to provide an early warning system of potential attack by the Soviet Union. Transport of the supplies and equipment was a task in itself as the only method of sending such a large bulk was by barge or Navy Landing Ship, Tanks LSTs.

Further still, once the supplies were landed, a road needed to be built to transport them the three miles to the proposed construction site. After nearly three years, Tin City AFS was completed and would operate through arduous and highly inhospitable conditions until it would be decommissioned in The stranded station changed hands and was upgraded as time continued onwards, until finally it was redesigned to a Long Range Radar Site. Maintained only by a minimum of personnel. As part of "Operation Clean Sweep," initiated by Pacific Air Forces in , abandoned Cold War stations in Alaska were remediated and the land was restored to its previous state.

Years of neglect had caused the facilities to lose any value they might have had when they were closed. They access the site by a former support airstrip, now known as the Tin City LRRS Airport and provide maintenance and support when needed, to the radar system.

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So, wait What became of the potential tin lodes of Alaska and the promise of industrial independence they offered? Tin is listed by the United States Geological Survey as a critical mineral.

Meaning it is necessary for the defense and economy of American interests. These minerals or metals can change depending on the need strategically, on whatever factors that entails, or the surplus or deficit of said material. Most commonly thought of as the main ingredient in tin foil and bean cans, what possible strategic use could tin possibly have?

Looking down on Tin City Air Force Station, a facility built in the s to provide an early warning of potential attack by the Soviet Union. While you might not know it, tin is used almost entirely in the creation of alloys. A blending of metals that produce different materials. One of the most historically important alloys you've likely heard of, bronze. It even has an entire historical period named for its influence on civilization.

Today, tin is still used in bronze but is also an increasingly important ingredient of high-tech materials like indium-tin oxide, a protective coating on almost every flat panel display made. You know, your phone's touch screen? Bartels with his Bartels Tin Mining Company was possibly on to something. It seems regretful that such a potential for industrial independence was lost and Tin City was something more akin to Tin Camp.

Who knows? Maybe someone may just come across this story as Bartels had in his time and finish what he started, establishing a true Tin City at the western edge of North America.

James Barker This dredge is a reminder of the early 20th century placer tin mining carried out in the Lost River area near Tin City, Alaska. American tin dreams In , the US Geological Survey verified the discovery of tin at the western extremities of the Seward Peninsula.

prohmabbulinre.ml - () W.E.B. Du Bois, “A Negro Nation Within a Nation"

A piece written during the height for "American tin" summarize that passion. Almost Tin City In the midst of this push for American tin, Bartels makes his Alaskan discovery and makes a push to establish in the U.

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There was even a humorous slogan regarding the potential tin as, "enough tin to can the earth. By , two companies operated out of the village and a stamp mill was located there. Strategic location As countless stampeders had spread throughout Alaska and Canada following the metal madness, World War I drained America of probably its most valuable of resources, people.

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It was not strategic metal but strategic location that put Tin City back on the map. All this while the Bering Sea was not completely frozen. Tin City revival So, wait They most likely remain, untapped and waiting to be cracked open for any willing explorer.