Alex Finds Alexa (The Datura Project Book 1)

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This is also our first podcast broadcast! Note: This week, we are making our YouTube debut, just as an experiment to see if it attracts more listeners. The mixcloud link is still up too. In case some of you missed it. The history and continuing evolvement of the Post-Punk family of music. Tune in every Friday, to check out a roundup of some of the best new music, from both well known and totally indie bands all over the globe.

ブランドから探す - ZOZOTOWN

Oh wait! And even better, the second and third parts of The Consequences of Time Travel are coming along at an epic pace. We finally have all of our lingering issues worked out and have achieved maximum synergy in the studio on a regular basis. Expect Volume 2 within the next few months!

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Guess what!? It's someones birthday today! That's right, our very own sound alchemist, guitarist, producer and all around multi-talented, annoyingly humble audio wizard Vernian Don Martin Irigoyen is celebrating another year on earth, and another year of making sweet tunes for all of our fans! Josh Vox Give us your tired. Bring us your poor.

Your huddled masses. Yearning to be free. And we will suppress them. We will oppress them. We will divide them. Silence is the key.

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Demonize the seed, control the masses. Dangerous they say, this reefer madness. Advantageous, lack of education racist created. Tell me how you feel about it? I want you to think about it. Free my folks from weed convictions money is the new religion. They got tired of seeing all the cheddar being generated aggravated. So they wrote some laws, so they could profit from it. Allocate for education, stop financial segregation, equity for all equations.

Now you want to legalize it? I want you to think about it… Pause…. They've been locking us up for years, you see and now they wanna sell it.

People of color are the victims. One feat. Toni Torres feat.

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