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Dancers wear masks in ceremonies to bring rain or chase away evil or sickness.

Everything You Need to Know About Loose Parts Play for Kids

Cut out eyes, nose and mouth. These can be painted. You can hole punch all around edges and add yarn or raffia. African Shields Shields were made in a great variety of sizes and shapes. Some only a few inches long were carried in dance rituals and were merely symbols of their original use.

New Paper Crafts for Kids Book

Shapes varied from tribe to tribe. Using a paper plate staple a strip of strong paper to the back and staple on each side of the plate. The child will insert a hand into the back of the plate and the paper will keep the shield in place. Let the children decorate the plate.

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Color and glue on cut up wallpaper pieces, sequins, yarn, etc. Let the kids dance around with the shields.

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These special hats add authenticity in role-playing and the study of African culture. Arrange strips like a wheel, overlapping in the center. Staple the center or use a brad paper fastener. Punch holes all around the hat and attached the strips with the brads. Calabash Bowls A Calabash is a bowl made from dried gourds. I turn over a small foam bowl with a piece of plastic wrap taped over it. Do more then one layer.

When dry, remove and cut them into a circle or bowl shape. Paint with bright colors and spray with clear acrylic. Flags Each African country has its own flag of meaningful colors: green symbolizes growing things, yellow symbolizes the sun, red the blood of the people, blue the sea, white peace, and black the people or African freedom. Have the children make their own flags, be sure to ask them what the colors that they have used signify to them! Decorations: Beads, buttons, gold foil, small shells, bits of colored paper. Cut up and around 3 sides, leaving bottom edge attached for a flap.

Push flap through to other side and glue or tape foil to cover inside opening. Fold the poster board closed. With edges closed. Punch holes through both layers on three sides, but not folded one. Sew up the edges, even the ends and tie around the back of your neck.

20 More Ways to Keep Toddlers Busy

Glue on decorations. The Wodaabe place decorations in rows. The Wodaaabe people of Niger wear leather mirror pouches decorated with cowrie shells, beads, and copper, and more, around their necks. Other Africans use found objects like large safety pins and even pieces of zippers in their arts and crafts.

Types of Play: Building and Constructing

Rainsticks For centuries many tribes have used rainsticks to summon the rain. Let the children fill paper towel rolls with rice, beans etc. Cover the ends with a small circle of poster board and masking tape. Let the children paint. Our kids made a huge rainstick using a mailing tube. Let the kids hammer in roofing nails all over the tube.

Experiment with the sound of different amounts of rice. When you like the sound, tape up the other end. Let the children paint a stripe horizontally until each child did one. Then let each child take a pencil dipped in paint and make dots all over the tube. Drums Africa probably has the largest variety of drums to be found in any continent, but virtually every other type of musical instrument is also represented throughout Africa.

In Zaire, Congo, and other countries in Africa, drums or gongs, as they are called in Congo are still used to send messages.

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It's been fascinating to watch my daughter's progress and development with construction as she has grown through the toddler years. I think it's important for girls to have blocks as well as boys. This is the most natural type of play for my preschool son. He can spend a long time constructing things.

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I have to work harder to get him involved in imaginative play and he is not yet independent or not often with imaginative play. Love construction play We like to mix things up a little.. LOL Fab post! Great ideas on mixing materials in construction play. I really need to get better in it.

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Daughter loves building with Lego and with blocks, and one of her favorite toys is a big cardboard box :. Building blocks toys can advance learning and create physical aptitudes in kids. They are one of the most established and least difficult of all toys; in different shapes and painted distinctive hues.

The greater part of us recall these from our own childhood. Our guardians, grandparents and numerous eras before that would likewise recollect, affectionately, the hours went through building with these toys. Construction play is so important for children's development. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.