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A cut-off is not the silent treatment at all, go look at the definitions. I've cut off one psychopath sister permanently. At a funeral I ended up in the same room with her for 10 minutes. She immediately started screaming and insulting me. Do you think I should have put up with that?

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Tolerated it in order to get along and not be labeled a "bully"? Some dysfunctional family patterns will never improve OR people aren't interested in bending over backwards to leave themselves open for abuse. If one has been socially cut off by loved ones maybe they should think what they did, what they said to them before assuming a loved one is a bully.

You see, when a victim finds their voice to speak the truth this causes a shift which they simply can't participate with skills that nurture a connection worth saving. So it's the bully's inability to respond to someone who won't tolerate the insanity anymore. So the bully actually falls silent, and blames the victim. Therefore the billy is using silence as another assault. Normal people would respond rationally. But the bully has to step away. I can't stop saying that;. The daughter has an absolute right to engage in behaviors that reduce or eliminate harm to herself and her loved ones.

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Refusing to speak to someone is part of harm reduction behaviors, and not bullying behavior. Some people don't care if the silence won't ever improve the dysfunctional family patterns, because after decades of bad behavior, many people are right to throw in the towel and engage in silence. Especially when one is aging and cherishes their own peace of mind over family dynamics. When one is 70 and Mommy or Daddy is 90 and still engages in verbal abuse then the 70 year old offspring has every right to disconnect for their own health. No-one has to tolerate abusive behaviour.

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Without boundaries, abusive behaviour can perpetuate and even worsen. It is not bullying behaviour to remove oneself from an abusive relationship - it may be the only means to protect oneself from emotional or physical harm.

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The responsibility to stop bullying lies with the bully. It is no-one else's responsibility. A woman asked me to help her with her bullying husband. I spoke to him and he said he did not want me to feel sorry for him. His son was not his child and would get jealous of the attention his mother would give the child. The child had tried to commit suicide a while earlier because he had lost a girlfriend.

The husband sleeps with other women. Many other men in the village have had problems with this man who has an overblown sense of self importance and rages when he gets drunk. The wife yells at him and tells him to stop. The man is seemingly very jealous and possessive and has told me that he will get a shotgun to protect his family. He has tried the threatening behaviour towards me and i have ignored him. He has now taken the poor me route and say he need attention.

He is jealous of the fact that i am popular and a very good musician. I continue to ignore him which is just making the situation worse. He wants me to play guitar with him but i am to busy. I wish that i had never gotten involved. I have been bullied three times before and i am a recovering Co Dependent. I am struggling psychologically but just coming out of depression. After being aggressive he says that he finds me intimidating and his wife has taken my side telling him not to treat me the way he does.

I have had a lot of support. I feel that i am also bullying him because of my no contact attitude.

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I hate bullies. This seems to be a psychological battle that i don't want any part of as it causes me severe distress. But i am being strong hoping that he will give up. He only has a go when he gets me in isolation. So this week i am not going to let that happen.

He takes shotguns to dogs. I will not let him run me out of my local bar and away from friends who are supporting me. I really had to laugh about the "I need you to remind me, can you do it nicely? So she wants people to be nice about it, while the whole problem is that she is not so nice to others. So she does know that it sucks when people treat you that way, yet she does it anyway! Oh and no contact is not bullying! It's protecting yourself from people who hurt you. She sounds like a classic Asperger parent: unable to empathize, or connect on an emotionally supportive level--it's hell on children.

People with this condition can empathize. They can tell how others feel. The problem they have is in connecting socially. They need to be equipped for that. It's a gray area here with Aspergers- like Haney other health condition if not treated can wreak havoc on the person and those around them. A parent has a personal responsibility to get treatment and take responsibility. Every child needs a parent and a good faith effort to problem solve hurtful behaviors is important. Life isn't perfect, but unfortunately neglecting awareness and treatment of a disorder can totally feel like bullying on the receiving end.

The good news is- a parent who problem solves shows love by showing they want things to be different. Not sure if this touches on your comment.

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Set boundaries, do not get involved in other peoples marital problems, they will both turn on you in the end. Tell them to seek professional help from a therapist, suggestion, would leave town for a while let the dust settle, go on holiday and get away from the negative people, then perhaps if still no change which is not likely, as this man is a psychopath Move house. People do not change, because their inflated egos make them believe they are right, do not make yourself ill over bullies that is their intention to control you, and use you, like a puppet destructive and malignant behaviour to suck the happiness and life out of you.