Double Blind: A Medical Thriller

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How can a whistleblower warn the public about a pending health disaster when she's been framed for murder? She's the first to mention that the medical teams she met doing clinical research were all dedicated and ethical researchers. The people, both healthy and sick, who volunteered for drug research were some of the finest and kindest people on earth. She currently lives in Mobile, Alabama, a haunted and historical city, with her husband and two dogs.

When she's not writing, she's on a sailing adventure. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Its disappearance has confounded scientists for years -- until now. Marine architect Hannah Bryson has unearthed Rachel Kirby is a computer genius whose personal life is falling apart. While her beloved younger sister is dying of a rare illness, Rachel is running out of time to connect the intricate pieces of a technological puzzle that will keep her alive.

It was the assignment of a lifetime. Brilliant marine architect Hannah Bryson has been given the job of a lifetime. It's Hanna We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: 11 titles. Double Blind. Kendra Michaels - 6. Look Behind You. Kendra Michaels - 5. Night Watch. Kendra Michaels - 4. Internal dilemmas. Stuff a reader would relate to — in a good guy and a bad guy.

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You have to have likable characters and multi-dimensional characters. I prefer if the villain does not see himself as a bad guy but sees himself as having different goals than the good guy, and their goals happen to be in conflict with each other. And a fast pace is definitely helpful.

Kaye: Are there any particular thriller authors that you fashioned your writing style after as you approached writing in the medical thriller genre? A few others. Kaye: You have also written, horror, murder mystery, sci-fi time travel, and humor. In a murder mystery, you have to make it be exciting and move along quickly while really baiting the hook each and every chapter, building to the big reveal at the end. A medical thriller is very similar to that because it all keeps building until it reaches a critical mass and then you finish with a bang.

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So far, nobody has seen the surprise ending coming in The Gamma Sequence. I love that. I get emails: I did NOT see that coming! Kaye: As you prepare to write in a genre that is new to you, what kind of pre-writing preparations do you make? Dan: I talk to fans of the genre to find out what types of books or movies are their favorites, and what they liked about them. I try to make interesting characters including the villain. I want to have a fast pace because a good story feels like it has a fast pace, regardless.

And I definitely sit down with some trusted advisors to hammer out an outline that is going to fulfill the expectations of what readers of the genre have.

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Then I have my boundaries drawn and I go crazy and have a lot of fun inside those lines, occasionally straying a little here and there outside the lines, because you have to push the envelope, but always delivering intensity on every page. The Gamma Sequence does that.

Dan: Comedy. Making people laugh is a lot of fun. Scaring them in a horror story is a lot of fun, too. And taking them on a roller coaster ride in a thriller is a lot of fun, too! I want to thank Dan for joining us today.

In this thriller, the patients lose patience

You can read my review of The Gamma Sequence this Friday. Double Blind , by Dan Alatorre is a riveting suspense thriller that will keep the pages turning. But, I was back at it first thing the next morning because I had to find out what happened. And you will, too. When the two detectives working the case, Carly Sanderson and Sergio Martin, become the targets, it sends police reeling in yet another direction. Dan Alatorre does a marvelous job of weaving the subplots together without revealing the surprise twist at the end in this well-crafted crime novel.

I give Double Blind five quills. Marshall Hail is in the business of nuclear energy and stealth operations using high tech drones in this futuristic thriller. As a wealthy enterprenuar, Marshal Hail has found a way to offer cheap nuclear energy to underprivaleged countries, and it has made him even richer. I give Operation Hail Storm three quills.

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I always love to do interviews with new authors, because they get so excited. The first interview I ever did, with Dan Alatore, I was riding on the top of the world. For me, it signified that this was it and I was really a published author. Today we have an up and coming author with us, Ashley Scott, whose debute novel is a dark fantasy action thriller, Demon Anarchy.

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Kaye: Would you share the story of your own publishing journey? Ashley: My publishing story began with a manuscript of course. Once completed, my beta readers tore it apart piece by piece. I had to make changes before daring to pass it along to my editor, who also helped strengthen my story, Demon Anarchy, before deciding where to publish. Should I publish through a house or self publish through a website? After doing some research I decided to self publish through Amazon with assistance of a few friends who have done this process before.

I love how simple it was however my next goal is to publish a book through a publishing house. Ashley: I guess you could say a little bit of both. This proved to me I required some mystery involved in plotting my stories.

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So now I write very minimal notes and type what comes to mind. I believe some plotting is good to keep the flow of your story and to keep your readers interested. Ashley: Um…. I used to get up in the early hours of dawn to type a page or two before going to college or going to work. I also used to trial so many different methods of plotting and note taking it drove me insane!

So I settled for what currently works and blocked out a reasonable amount of time during the day to type. Kaye: Would you like to talk a little about your blog or website? I only have a website where you can find a buy link to my book Demon Anarchy along with my contact information and monthly author interviews I post to help authors succeed at reaching out to their audiences. Kaye: Would you like to tell us a little about Demon Anarchy?