How I Whipped Diabetes and Regained My Health

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I hope to win! I am so, so sorry about your mother. But good for you too! Management, education and awareness are the keys to good health. I will let you know the minute that link is live. I have Type 2 diabetes.

And my fear is it will become worse. I would love to try Swerve. So when my father told me he was pre-diabetic, i pushed to get him active and away from his sedentary lifestyle.

An American Epidemic: Diabetes

Luckily, he took my advice to heart and followed a low-carb diet like I do. I, too, was pre-diabetic in my very early 20s, and diabetes runs in our family. Carolyn — thank you for spreading awareness about this day! My friend, it was such an honor to be able to join with you in raising awareness for diabetes. Thank you so much for allowing me to participate. I think you may have been the first one to touch my life with this blog.

Reading about your diabetes and how you rose to the challenge of creating sweets that you were able to eat held me in awe every time I visited. Thank you for your tireless commitment to enriching the lives of diabetics everywhere. Thanks so much Carolyn, for not just letting this day slip by, but for taking the opportunity to involve others and highlight how rampant and important this disease has become. I was diagnosed with type 2 this past spring after becoming suddenly ill.

My eating habits have changed drastically and I struggle for control every day. Have lost substantial weight and still going.

Raising Awareness for Diabetes – and a KitchenAid Giveaway

Blogs like yours help dramatically to steer diabetics into healthy eating and I am very grateful not only for the recipes you post but also the non-recipe posts, those that help diabetics try to understand their disease and the wisdom of your experience. I am so sorry about your mom. It is great that you are raising awareness on this issue. My aunt is severe diabetic and on top of that she is deaf. I think that it is important to make the public aware. I feel like we all take our own health for granted.

Thank you for this post! I also have a diabetic coworker.

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Before retiring, I taught elementary school for 30 years. From time to time I worked with students who were dealing with this condition. When I see friends and family members suffering from health issues such as this, I am reminded to be thankful for each day I enjoy good health. Thanks for supporting the cause! Diabetes has not affected my family or any close friends.

Other diseases were more prevalent in the family, and my grandparents were very active out in the WI country side.

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My goal is to keep active and eat well to also hopefully live a long and happy life. I lost my dad when I was 21 and was blessed to have my father in law fill that spot.

Diabetes a growing threat to young and slim - Health - Diabetes | NBC News

He is a wonderful guy and we all love him. He is a diabetic and has a total knee implant. Because of that, he had problems with it healing. I am trying to learn all I can to help him eat healthier.

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My grandmother had diabetes and eventually all the complications that came with it before passing away. I was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic…gestational diabetes with my third child and despite no family history and a healthy active lifestyle, here I am. Thanks for all you do. Thank you for organizing these WDD awareness posts. You are truly an inspiration to many, Carolyn and your site is such a fantastic resource to those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 14 years ago. Then two of my uncles were diagnosed. Then my brother found out he has it. Now my parents have both been diagnosed with prediabetes. My sister-in-law AND her mother both have type 2 as well. Carolyn — thanks so much for what you are doing to raise awareness. Several people close to me have been affected by Diabetes and it eventually took their lives. I wish I had understood the importance of a low carb diet for managing Diabetes as I feel this could have made a great impact.

It is unfortunate that most people and doctors take the wrong approach to managing this disease. What a lovely post, and that color on the mixer! I had several friends growing up with Type I Diabetes, as my kids do now. My mom has lived with diabetes since she was Almost 4 years ago I donated a kidney to my mom as hers were starting to fail do to the tolls of diabetes.

Diabetes Basics

She has been living a very happy, normal and productive life ever since me too for that matter. I could not imagine not having my mom around as my son grows and for the 2nd child we hope to adopt in the next couple weeks when he is born. Diabetes is a horrible disease and I pray they can find a cure someday soon! A good deal of that time I was in denial and thought that if I just ate a healthy diet I could control it. The healthy diet and exercise are critical parts of the process, but frequently not enough.

But the available medications are fairly inadequate and possibly cause more damage than they prevent. Most of the good more benign ones are out of reach for me because my kidneys are well on the way to failing. Diabetes is a very serious disease. And the establishment dietary advice is mind-blowingly out of whack.

I adhere to a strict low carb diet and daily exercise, and still, I can see the effects of the disease on several of my organ systems. Thank you, Carolyn, and all the other food bloggers who use their caring and ingenuity to open the food choice options for us diabetics. It makes a big difference.

Marcia, I agree with you whole-heartedly! Carolyn, thanks for this great mega-post. Many of my relatives and friends have struggled with diabetes — mostly Type 2 — some with terrible outcomes. It is a terrible disease. Thank you do much for organizing such an important event. My mother has Type 1 diabetes and I was diagnosed with diabetes almost 20 years ago.

I can tell you the struggles are continuous and at times overwhelming. Finding a balance of foods that maintains proper BG readings is difficult at best. I found your blog while searching for more appropriate foods to serve my family in the hopes that this will not affect my children as well. I have been using Swerve in more recipes lately and just in time for the holidays, I made some spiced Pecans that were absolutely delicious!

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My mother has diabetes. Since her diagnosis years ago, she has managed it very well including losing a lot of weight! So proud of her! What a gorgeous turnout of recipes! I am a nurse. I see the role of primary care providers as so important in improving the quality of life for people with diabetes. I am learning so much about diabetes management and it is giving me such a respect for folks with the illness. It takes so much work, lots of sacrifices and a good memory! So I applaud the hard work of diabetics out there who are taking responsibility for their health and doing what they can to prevent complications.