Información de partida y metodología de análisis (Spanish Edition)

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Traducción de títulos científicos altamente especializados: hacia un estado de la cuestión

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Método de análisis

En: Knowledge acquisition, , n. In view of the results obtained, we can assert that cartotecas tend to present their information as merely digitized objects, without providing much added value beyond viewing. The diverse cartographic archival entities cartotecas employ the elements and resources inherent to IA in many ways. The design of pages must be cohesive throughout the site with all features aimed at helping the user find the documents and information sought.

One might ask what distinguishes one cartoteca from another, and the answer may be found in IA.

Estudios explícitos.

From this perspective, the content presented is as important as how it is presented and the degree of user accessibility attained.. The digital cartographic archival entities should aim to facilitate user consultations in order to achieve higher degrees of user satisfaction through the use of diverse help elements.

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In this light, it is odd that many websites included in European collaborative networks are available only in the home language. Moreover, these websites do not exploit social networks in any significant way, despite their growing importance, nor do they exploit syndication of contents.

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  • All of these avenues should be explored, since the current trend in the field is to establish collaboration networks or work groups with the aim of sharing and unifying knowledge.. The current standard in Spain specifying the support paper for maps is UNE AENOR, ISSN: X. Current information architecture trends in digitized cartography collections.

    Descargar PDF. Autor para correspondencia. Under a Creative Commons license. Table 1. The analysis of each organization provides a qualitative assessment of the data gathered, and relevant conclusions are drawn from aspects assessed. Digital Map Libraries. Palabras clave:. Cartotecas Digitales. Texto completo. IA focuses on these issues in order to help websites be inviting to users. As such, any site, including a map archive site, must provide users with all of the information demanded and display it just as the user wishes to see it.

    Meanwhile, the structures establish the interdependencies of each of the groups previously established. The object is for these labels or headings to posit a mental representation of the content they hold. Said systems may be global navigation menus that exist on every page of the site , local planned for a specific page and contextual those that allow movement between contents. In this light, the main aim of this paper is to analyze Spanish map archive websites from the standpoint of IA.

    As such, the trend in this field is to employ information resources techniques to enhance the performance of this type of documents. This is used largely in libraries. It provides information about the identification, measurement, quality, spatial-temporal scheme, spatial reference and the distribution of the digital geographic data. Nonetheless, the method most often used today is the digital image form offered in online collections. Internet access to map collections multiplies the applications that facilitate the work of researchers and document specialists, while promoting the publication and dissemination of cartographic heritage.

    As such, the results can be extrapolated for this entire subset.

    Análisis de los procesos de evaluación de la e-salud

    In this way, a sample of 22 entities was selected, which appear in Table 1. List of entities included in study sample. Source: By author. Table 2. Heuristic analysis indicators.

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    General Attributes 1. Identity and Information 2. Language and Writing 3. Structure and Navigation 5. Display of Information 6.

    Search 7. Help 8. Table 3. Results obtained by entity and sections. Results obtained in the General Attributes section. Chart 1. Results for Identity and Information. Chart 2. Results for Language and Writing. Chart 3. Chart 4. Results obtained in Structure and Navigation. Chart 5.