Israël survivra-t-il ? (Politique, idée, société) (French Edition)

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Patriots also known as Americans , Whigs, Congress-Men or Rebels were colonists of British Thirteen Colonies who rebelled against the British control during the American Revolution and declared themselves an independent nation, the United States of America in July Et ainsi de suite. I would point out to Martine Rousseau and Olivier Houdart that it makes very little difference what you call Americans.

And historically speaking, I would bet that others started referring to us as Americans long before we adopted the term ourselves. Apocalypse What about this one for instance?

La maison Rothschild

Attention, Artsy Jane, vous allez encore tout embrouiller! La quetsion reste ouverte. A Aquinze. Oclla : Certes! La preuve par le poulet? Il fallut alors inventer un nouveau nom pour cette monnaie. Les Etats-Unis est un pays sans histoire? Des peuples qui le fondent? Je ne saurais vous le dire. Pourquoi tout ce brouhaha pour rien? En espagnol comme en italien ou en portugais, on emploie couramment estadounidense, statounitense et estado-unidense.

Ils en ont plein, justement. Il y en a trois. Il me dit en gros :.

Le survivalisme est-il une mode ? - Survivre #3

Artsy, Brian, John… On est quatre! Le Qatar ne fait pas partie des Emirats arabes unis. Elles sont politiques, bien entendu. Comment naissent les noms propres? Je plaisante, bien entendu. Nous sommes en pleine guerre froide ou en pleine guerre chaude?!! Jane Artsy fait celle qui ne veut pas comprendre…! Voudrait-on toujours modifier leur nom? Je ne crois pas. Difficile, il me semble. Je voudrai bien entendre un Canadien sur le sujet.

Ca ne change en rien ce qui est. Ils vous laissent les appeler comme bon vous semble. Vous impose-t-elle quelque chse?

Qui parle de diaboliser?!! Et qui est Bill Gates?!

Les Arabes entre compromis politiques et refus ontologiques

Jean-Luc aussi. Mexico scintille devant nos yeux.

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La seule chose que nous puissions attendre.. Settlers are part of the Israeli population, but there are some extremists. These are not the majority. Most of the settlers are reasonable people. We have to have empathy towards them. They need to see a benefit. To my question about trilateral negotiations Government, Palestinians and Settlers , Answer: For me, trilateral means Hamas. Les Palestieniens souhaitent avoir leur propre Etat.

Par Palestine, on parle de la Cisjordanie et de Gaza. Ceux qui les attrapent, ce sont les policiers palestiniens. Qui va le remplacer? A quelle date,. Il est essentiel de renforcer le processus diplomatique.

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Cette situation ne peut pas durer. Note, Hatnua means the Movement, its leader is Tsipi Livni. I fought for Israeli security most of my life. I had two enforce the Fence. I could see that the Palestinians in their majority want peace. We signed good agreements. On security, I wish I had the confidence of the Meretz although I agree with them on anything else. Arafat never gave up the fighter narrative. I thing our present government is a good one. For once in a long time, we can counter-act the religious parties. Gush Etsion visit organized by Journalist Michael Blum, click here for his blog.

Je pensais encore rentrer en France.

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  6. Osmose de la rencontre. Les jardins de lenotre ne sont pas les miens. Il faut se battre pour cela. Le Tanach est notre seul passeport. Grew up in Goush Etsion. My family and 5 kids have lived here for many years, Different education institutions. Tolerant for all people of all walks of life, We are here to stay here.

    Numéros à paraître

    Half the population are still under Special in Gush Etsion for its history and martyrs. To live a normal life like everyone in the world. Some palestinians work and shop with us and live a regular life. Other villages further away are not that peaceful.

    Bloc-notes : libérer la France de sa prison intellectuelle - Liberté d'expression

    IDF has to take care of the security problems. We got used to live this way on a daily basis. In my view, our future, is to stay here forever. But the real solution does not exist yet.

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    • La guerre d’Irak – Conçue en Israël ? | Arrêt sur Info.

    Two solutions: arabs have to recognize to the legitimate the existence of Israel and stop the terror. If these two conditions are not accepted, no way to negotiate anything. THIS is our homeland. We saw what happened when we left gaza. Only solution is to live together with us in peace. One state for two people, we will give them autonomy but not the citizenship. To be a jew is very special, but we cannot let any arab to control the control. We are not trying to put them in reservation the way the Americans did or the Australians. We cannot live any other way in our Jewish State.

    Q: your point of view is creating a divide from the Diaspora. Avec quelques amis, nous proposons cette alternative. On essaie de changer la situation.