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Emotional Intelligence. Hull, Jeffrey. Molyn, Joanna. Introducing the first truly evidence-based study of coaching effectiveness Developing coaching cultures: a review of the literature. Coaching in Education. Gormley, Helen , van Nieuwerburgh, Christian. This paper provides a review of the literature on coaching cultures Riddle, Doug.

Organizational Coaching. Cauley, Michael Richard. Creating a Coaching Culture. Hawkins, Peter. We've come a long way, baby. Positive Psychology. Positive psychology and coaching psychology are growing up together. Servant leadership gets a year review. Servant Leadership.

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Today we feature: Servant Leadership: A systematic review a Brackett, Marc. Emotional Agility. Feldman Barrett, Lisa. What Experienced Team Coaches Do. Team Coaching.

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Cook, Andy , Moore, Margaret. October Coaching Report. Coaching Research. Coaching with Science in Mind Executive coaching: A critical review and recommendations for advancing the practice. Zedeck Ed. Selecting and developing members of the organization.

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Peltier, B. The psychology of executive coaching: Theory and application 2nd ed. New York:Routledge. Stober, D. Evidence based coaching handbook: Putting best practices to work for your clients. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Whitworth, L. Co-active coaching: New skills for coaching people toward success in work and life 2nd ed.

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This list was extracted from work originally published in in the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations, 3 1 , pp. Stober, Ph.

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  7. The research basis for executive coaching is, to date, minimal Kilburg, Most, though not all, writing in the field is based on what can be termed practice wisdom. Individual executive coaches have, not infrequently, described their practices, techniques, and outcomes in articles and books, and have been the subject of reports in the media. Their descriptions are essential for this emerging field as practitioners struggle to define its phenomena and key variables.

    Unfortunately, a variety of biases on the part of authors can influence their descriptions of practice wisdom, limiting the degree to which their conclusions can be valid or generalized. Three research journals publish peer-reviewed articles on executive coaching: Two additional practitioner journals have occasional articles on executive coaching with some research basis, though such articles are typically not peer reviewed:.

    Research on executive coaching that has been conducted as part of a doctoral dissertation can be found at Dissertation Abstracts, which can be accessed through a number of library databases including wwwlib. Finally, a number of professional associations have research-based presentations on executive coaching at their regional and national conferences:. In recent years, a number of consulting firms and business roundtable groups have conducted research on executive coaching, though their results are not always widely publicized or shared.

    Most are not subjected to peer review. The purpose of the Research Page is to serve as a resource to executive coaches, executives, HR and OD Professionals, researchers and others involved with Executive Coaching who are interested in promoting, conducting and accessing research on executive coaching.

    A great deal of practice wisdom is available in books published by executive coaches and in articles in a variety of industry and trade magazines. Relatively few reports of empirical research are available. Organizational impact comes in the form of improvements in productivity, cost containment, better relationships with the boss, team or peers, less conflict management and in some cases retention of the executive.

    Often their boss, peers or other people in the organization are part of the issue. This executive briefing was excerpted from the final report of the study conducted at a Fortune firm and is intended for the private use of MetrixGlobal clients and professional associates. Please contact Merrill Anderson, merrilland metrixglobal.

    The study provided powerful new insights into how to maximize the business impact from executive coaching. Fairley and Chris E. Stout Paperback — Nov 24, Lyons Hardcover — Oct 19, Stober and Anthony M. Grant Hardcover — April 21, ICF is the largest and most well-known professional association for coaches. And according to the same study, many coaches are optimistic that their practices will be growing in Growth will be both in the number of people served, as well as in the number of hours spent in coaching.

    At this stage of evolution in the profession, there is no regulation and no official certification to become a coach.

    While there is a huge amount of advice on how to become a coach, there is little advice on how to select a coach. There is a growing body of independent research that shows that working with a coach can have a profound positive impact both on the person being coached, as well as the organization for which they work.

    Leadership Coaching: The Cutting Edge

    So what should a person look for when hiring a coach? It is critical that your coach be able to relate to your work environment and experience. It also provides practical guidance for executives who are being urged to take coaching or who have coaching provided for them as part of a leadership development initiative.

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    He is responsible for the advancement of coaching research and practice, and manages over professional leadership coaches around the world. CCL coaches are located in twenty-six countries and speak as many languages. Doug frequently speaks and writes on leadership, coaching, and organizational change.