Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean

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Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean

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It were a sad sight to see you there on the floor and myself beside you and the worst part of it was, you don't even remember you don't even remember, and I won't say it the first hot days this year recall last summer it was too hot to sleep but not too hot to sleep with you there was time without end and habits I couldn't break like loving you I said, I swear it's the last time I said, I swear it's the last time I said, I need another lover who'll keep me from you I said, I wish he'd die because I can't say no and it never ends and I was always saying, do you remember last night?

Well, do you? Do you? He looked out of the dream and said, "Trouble, it's been a long time.

Who's she been with? That summer there was no end to things going places I'd rather not be and people I was till I met you Things going bad and getting worse there was a piece of paper, all it said was, my life is starting to hurt. It's starting to hurt.

Never turn your back to the ocean 😄😄

En La Barranca de Mi Corazon. The Queen of Knives.

The Tea Tree. Downloads are available as MP files. Album Notes. It really was just a play on words. The song is a conversation between the two. The instruments used, however, are a very different matter, since the song was originally intended for a horn band.

Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean

Just the simple joy of music. An office plant that thrived for years, until its owner moved to a different location, and gave the plant to a friend. The friend promptly killed it, or maybe it was the change of scenery, or maybe the plant missed the original owner, but it died. We hope the same might be said of the music. Log in to write a review. She creates bold public work and gallery work that inspire thoughtfulness, while simultaneously motivating progressive change within communities.

Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean

Through her participatory performance events, murals, uncommissioned street work, gallery installations, and curatorial projects she continues her dialog of mindful and constructive evolution. Ann Lewis.

Mural Artist.