Red Badge of Courage & Other Classics

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The Red Badge of Courage. Add to Cart. Seton's Description: Henry Fleming had no idea how horrible war really was.

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Attacks come from all sides, bullets fly, bombs crash. Men everywhere are wounded, bleeding and dying. Now, Henry's fighting for his life and he's scared. He must make a decision, perhaps the most difficult decision he will ever make in his life: save himself-run from the enemy and desert his friends-or fight, be brave, and risk his life. If he stays to fight, he may die with his regiment.

If he runs, he'll have to live with knowing he was a coward.

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The Red Badge of Courage

Can Henry find the strength within himself to earn his red badge of courage? Recommended for grade 9. Contains mature content. Customer Reviews Be the first one to review this item. Historical Fiction.

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The Red Badge of Courage and Other Stories.[Great Illustrated Classics]

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