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It is in English, Free Entrance. Both films demonstrate the power of music and what it can give rise to. Tony Cokes has developed his distinctive visual language since the s, combining pointedly political texts with music and monochrome backgrounds and presenting them together as a kind of cinematic slide show.

Cokes samples text, sound and images to create new messages while also reminding us of how powerfully the media of a given period can affect how we view the world. Colours can affect our mood, text can inform us and songs can turn into soundtracks of our lives, get under our skin and act as clear memories of specific experiences. He has exhibited extensively in the USA and Europe for decades. This evening Stella Geppert provides insights into her artistic practice. As a field researcher would, she examines the moving dynamics of people in social and urban spaces.

In her artistic practice, candid social communicative behaviours and spatial phenomena are made visible sculpturally. Her practice investigates the performative body and spatial concepts as well as installations, drawings, objects, and sculptures. Stella Geppert will also present her new catalogue called Scores and Sculptures. Her work has been exhibited in numerous national and international exhibitions, with residencies in Japan, France, Denmark, Italy, and elsewhere. She is at present professor of sculptural and spatial artistic practices at the University of Art and Design in Halle Saale , Germany, and lives and works in Halle and Berlin.

A method based on a choreographic approach to image and a collaborative proces for creating. We will watch films and talk about pre-production, shooting and editing and about starting and ending with the body and its movement. She is an artist with a diverse range of expressive talents and a real knack for learning. Her performance skills include playing the clarinet and the guitar, part-singing, dubbing, performing magic tricks and steering marionettes.

She works internationally within the stage arts — performing in dance-, music- and theatre productions. She also collaborates with highly regarded visual artists on exhibitions and performances in galleries and museums where she contributes her comic timing and musicality, as well as an open curiosity towards the challenges of art.

Amia is an engaging teacher and speaker, focusing on the physical body and creativity. She has been a driving force as a performer and actress within the Danish stage arts since the 90s.

Cristiana Giustino (Illustrator of Super Cali Fragile Esther)

She is a diverse artist and performer who brings humour and presence to many genres: musical theatre, performances for teenagers and children, key notes, installation art, political satire, experimental performance art and film. She prefers to involve herself in projects where she can contribute to and be part of the process of creating a communal work of art.

She also teaches social choreography to children as part of an artist in residence program. Pernille is courageous and humorous and throws herself into crazy projects where she can take on the responsibility of asking a lot of questions and meeting her audience eye-to-eye.

Song Parodies for Mary Poppins Soundtrack

She teaches regularly at The National Danish Film School and has a passion for the precisely framed and open-ended process of artistic research. For TV she co-conceptualized and co-directed the first ever season of the staged documentary series Married at First Sight. She is currently presenting her latest film Travels to the Dance Within at filmfestivals.

River Lin is an artist and curator working across the fields of visual and performing arts. Body is the main medium he uses to explore art forms, to activate participation and audience involvement, and to investigate the relationship between time, body and the ritualistic. The event is in English and admission is free.

Reward Yourself

It is also based on interviews with elderly people, looking back at the role of dreams in their lives. These interviews were collected during the tour of the stage version in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Antoinette and Jan will give insights in their working process in creating a film based on a finished stage piece and including the information from interviews. How did they use the privileges of the medium film? The great range of possibilities of how to work with time.

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Having the option to change perspective within a split second. Enabling to move the spectator into a new place. Erasing the limitations that one faces during the creation of a stage performance were replaced by new challenges: How long can a filmed sequence unfold over time compared to a scene we witness live? How far can we stretch the dramaturgic logic? During the past years Jan has established an intensive artistic collaboration with Antoinette, who is a German dance artist based in Copenhagen.

Before coming to Denmark she worked as dancer at city theaters as well as freelance dancer and choreographer across Germany. Hanne Svejstrup will say a few words on the new president of the Dansehallerne board, Pernille Backhausen. The meeting will be in English. It takes place at Charlottenborg Art Cinema. The film is introduced by the artist and is on view at Charlottenborg Sping Exhibition from 2 February to 6 March at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

The admission is free. Taneli has curated this evening and will present a program with five dance films. The film is based on 6 weeks research residency, where Taneli was first filming 3 weeks and then editing 3 weeks. The originally movie was part of a live performance. After he created this movie he continue working more with dance films.

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The project invited 18 volunteers from Tallinn. Their task was to bring their own true? Taneli collaborates with different artists in producing conceptual projects for stage and site-specific locations. Location X constantly takes on new challenges. Every new location is a source of inspiration — whether it will be stage- or site specific.

Wednesday, February 20 at 5—6. Motherload is a collection of new and older works that circles loosely around the subject of motherhood. Motherhood is made up of a polyphonic and rather penetrating choir of voices, and it is a small selection of these voices we have gathered in this book in harmony and murmur. Full of unexpected twists and turns, M. In my work as a filmmaker, I aim to use movements as an aesthetic tool to dramatise the story — and as a tool that can sharpen our sensitivity to the world and to one another.

16. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

When I use movements it is not only in the sense of body movements, but writing the script is to choreograph the movements of the camera as well as the movements in front of it: Actions of stilness, moving shadows, transformations of color, change of light, sound and silence. It will be an evening with a lot of film examples and with a discussion of the use and potentials of movements in films — with or without dance. Based on the work on her VR-project, where she studies and choreographs the movements and natural behaviours of corals, she will talk about the process of creation and discuss how movements and visual storytelling can be used as an artistic tool to communicate climate scientific matter, that can bring sense of clarity.

Throughout many years she has been interested in exploring ways of how movements and choreography can act as the main language in visual storytelling. The moving tale seems powerful, because Roghani is capable of translating her own private story into something that is both universal and important. And she does it in a work where viewers practically experience the theme on their own bodies: through the long corridor where our shadows become part of the video image of wandering people.

We pass a number of ropes with sinister associations to imprisonment and execution , but we do get through to the other side. The work interacts immersively with the gallery space.


They get to us as we proceed through the sensuous passage. The impact is very strong, indeed. Samenah Roghani b. This evening, Samenah Roghani will talk about her art work and artistic practice in a conversation with Thomas Lindvig, Chairman of the Board in Charlottenborg Fonden. Charlottenborg Art Cinema collaborates with the exhibition venue Vermillion Sands for the exhibition Bubble Metropolis.

The idea of the sea as a resource — both literally and metaphorically — forms the starting point of the group show Bubble Metropolis. This is done via a study of the techno act Drexciya from Detroit, which, back in the s, built a mythological narrative about an underwater world inhabited by the unborn children of pregnant enslaved women thrown overboard as casualties of the Atlantic slave trade.

In this tale the sea is seen as a potential source of capital. The film follows the vast infrastructure of container ships, trains, engineers and politicians who together form the basis of the money-making machine that the sea can be. The film juxtaposes maritime trade and the complex, symbolically charged story of the sea in general.

Over the course of the year, a range of visual, formal, intellectual and scientific experiments will manifest themselves through speculative, artistic and fictional scenarios. The overall framing facilitates explorations into how areas such as sci-fi, cli-fi, migration, biotechnology, utopias, the Anthropocene, Afrofuturism and linguistics are connected in myriad ways and cannot be considered separately without diminishing each of them.

Vika Kirchenbauer

These days, the sea evokes associations to climate crisis and migration issues, making it more current than ever. By juxtaposing the four works and the various potential meanings they generate, Vermilion Sands offers its take on how we might view and perceive this enthralling phenomenon right here, right now. Now the work has been portrayed in a film.

Einarsson, was released in September and will be a part of the Choreographer Conversation at Dansehallerne.

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About Siri Derkert Siri Derkert was born in and grew up in Stockholm in a family of seven children. Her many works encompass an individual, sensitive interpretation of Cubism as well as a period as a fashion designer. The last one and a half year Sara Gebran has been writing a book to launch this night. Followed by a large panel to discuss the book. And mingle time to buy the book at a discount price, with a drink. Bring cash to buy the book. A combo of personal notes, lyrical writings, an art object, text and visual essays, on political thoughts, to dig into the relations between state power and individual erotic desires and an art object,.

It re-thinks the language utilized for pornography, taking it from the practices of individuals, to the practices of dominant corporate power that pierces through bodies and minds of people without their consent. Beyond cultural and political thoughts, the book is a choreographic and artistic platform that offers further potential for moving practices, for playing, and for sustaining happiness.

The Panel discussion A large panel of international and national artists, art workers and researchers will discuss the book through the notion of self-instituting by posing Sara questions, as: Jennifer lacey, Katrine Dirckinck Holmfeld, Tina Tarpgaard, Anders Paulin, Maria Stiernborg, Cecilie Ullerup, Mathias Kryger, Hugo Hopping and a few more not confirmed yet. The performance A small remediation from the book into a performance. Support Book support: Nordisk Kulturfond. She is based in Copenhagen since Her works are situated within performance art, exploring medias as video, sound, text, digital works, and finding sustainable ways to produce and create art works that generates genuine autonomy and equality.

The figures, their actions and the conditions in which each sequence was created will be a stepping ground to think together about power relations and the agency that is given not given or forced within image production—in front and behind a camera.