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Making use of your powered exo-suit and modular combat drone, you must fight your way out of a frightening and malfunctioning city. Improve and customize your rig and find new weaponry by carving the parts from your foes. Using the limb targeting system, target unarmored enemy weak points for a quick and clean kill, or attack an armored section to loosen weapons or armor.

When the time is right, dismember the enemy with a savage execution, and take the part for yourself. Combat is challenging and unforgiving. Study their attack patterns and weaknesses, then strike hard and fast — even the weakest of enemies can be deadly! Launch opponents into the air with powerful combo attacks and use directional parries and weaving to protect yourself from the monsters and madmen roaming the city.

Aiding you in your journey is a trusty combat drone that can be fitted with guns, explosives, and other deadly technologies.