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You had me wanting to know what happened next at the end of every chapter. In the time span of a few days i have read the First and second book and found myself transported to another time and place.

The Legion of Flame

In the beginning I found myself under the yoke of an unyeilding Supreme race, Plasma fodder and nothing more. My only purpose was to train and die. By the end off the first book I was able to celebrate small victories. By the end of the second book I had hope, not just for myself but all Humans. That is what good books should do. I keep checking for the latest one, as well. A very, very nice story with interesting characters.

Only thing the Legion needs is a war cry!!! Does Arun remember to factor in all of his assets? The cryo marines, the Trog, the Aux humans yearning for redemption? There are a whole lot more assets to acquire in book3. Not all of them are to be trusted. What have I missed? Not yet.

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If he could, Arun would consider keeping his head down and playing along while he bides his time. Although Fraser and Arun are twins, they spent many years in cryogenic pods. Just finished the second book. Thanks now get the third book out there! I enjoyed reading both books. Thanks for writing them. Hi, Sam. April or May. The first, and largest, part will be out in beta for anyone who wants to look at in next month. Thanks for asking. Tim excellent work. Thanks again for transporting me to your universe.

Thanks, Jason. Hope you enjoy reading his journey.

Avid SciFi reader and always looking for a new read. Thoroughly enjoying these books and anxiously awaiting the next one.

Legion by Brandon Sanderson

Going on holiday mid-may and hope you are on schedule so I can take you with me. I mean take your BOOK with me. Lots of us out here waiting for more. Probably time to stop giving it away. You deserve huge success. Thanks, Tim. But of course, it will take a little more time. Thanks for your support. It means a great deal to me, and keeps my writing fingers eager. I read book 2 in two days which is unusual for me. Awesome series!!! Hope you think so too Tim, I got tired of waiting and have started a re-read. For a bit of perspective, my first Sci-Fi read was Beast Master in You tell a good story.

Keep it up. Thanks Joe, I appreciate your comments. I reckon my son would love it. It is free.

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I did pick up some other classic Andre novels on Kindle. Tim, I hope he enjoys them. So much good stuff as this old man remembers his early journeys into the wonders of our universe. In fact, I wrote the final scene this week, although there are many gaps still to fill. Excellent news! Hi Mike. We had some delays last month. Would you be interested in reading the first section to help fill the gap, or would you rather wait? I know some people are adamant they prefer one over the other.

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Best wishes, Tim. I always liked that AI, she was cheeky!! Thanks Al Brown. Thanks, Al. Yes, indeed, Springer has something of a new lease on life and she has an important part to play, as do her children. So, Human Dynasty will be , or possibly I have a such a lot of books I want to write!

I hope you enjoy it.

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Thanks again, Al. Thank You Marten. Thank you, Marten. I love the new covers. They are so a live with action. They draw you in and make you want to jump into the action.. Hi, I recently became a fan and devoured the Human Legion series up to date. I have to listen via audiobook, is there any date when Human Empire book 4 will be available? Big fan keep it coming. Hi, RoadD.

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Back when there were only the first three books out, I licensed them to Tantor Media to produce audiobooks, which I think they, and narrator Tom Zingarelli, did a fine job with. But now…? I assume they were disappointed with sales. If sales of the eBooks pick up again, then I will produce the missing audiobooks myself and I mean pay professionals to do it properly. Sorry, Thor. Then it goes to the recon teams. That novel The Midnight Sun is coming out later this month.

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So The Battle of Earth will come out in two parts released the same day and written in different styles. Hope that answers your question. I enjoyed The Human Legion series. Nice twists and kept me interested even with the twists and plot turns. I hope you continue the story beyond Battle for Earth part 2. Early on when the main characters were young, the lack of skills in dealing with each other was frustrating but reasonable based on emotional age and experience.

It would be nice to see more maturity developments as they have aged. I will be a buyer of your books going forward. Thank you. Thanks, Bob. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know you enjoyed the books. He showed me the binders he had to study on the NCO course. I kick off the next development in the Human Legion Universe in a couple of months with Chimera Company, set 3, years into the future.

Thanks again, Tim.