The Devil and the Deep

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If it's that Devil we are talking about then the origin is straightforward - the Devil is bad and falling in the deep sea is bad, so when being caught between the two would be cause for concern. People who like that explanation can point back to Greek mythology for an earlier version of the idea of being caught between evil and the sea. Homer's Odyssey refers to Odysseus being caught between Scylla a six-headed monster and Charybdis a whirlpool. To explain the nautical theory we'll need to define some sailing terminology.

That's always dangerous ground for landlubbers and usually results in some horny-handed sailing type writing in to say that I don't know my scuppers from my square knots, but here goes anyway That definition wasn't entirely clear to me, but a correspondent who describes himself as 'an engineer and vessel constructor' clarified it this way:.

This seam would need to be watertight and would need filling caulking from time to time. On a ship at sea this would presumably require a sailor to be suspended over the side, or at least to stand at the very edge of the deck. Either way it is easy to see how that might be described as 'between the devil and the deep sea'. After two of my best friends had a terrible breakup, I've felt like I'm between the devil and the deep blue sea as I've continued being friends with both of them. When I was a student, I was always caught between the devil and the deep blue sea having to chose whether to buy food or my bus pass each month.

Since we don't have enough money to send both our children to college, we're between the devil and the deep blue sea about what to do. If I go on holiday during peak season, I may get fired but if I don't go, my girlfriend may leave me. Rent Article. Your Access Options.

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