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Tuesday, November 26, His Dark Materials 1. The bears took center state in episode 1. If this is starting to sound like a three-ring circus, that's because it is, but the menagerie in His Dark Materials is far more diverse and intriguing than any you'll find in any circus, or, for that matter, to use another place where the Bears appear, in any football game.

I discussed the daemons in my previous review of episode 1. The bears apparently are not daemons. But there are sentient and speak. They have no daemons, but they consider their armor, which can be removed, to be their souls. So, in effect, their armor is a kind of inert daemon. And the bears are very strong, which makes them good to have on your side in a battle or a war. And that's what's shaping up in the action up north - a war between Coulter, who commands the Magisterium, and the Gyptians, who want their children back, and who now have Lyra and her truth-telling device on their side.

Since we're still early in the story, these relationships are still developing and being discovered. Coulter continues to be the most enigmatic. We learned in a previous episode that she is Lyra's mother. But now we hear that she may not. In our world, with our logic, the two states of being cannot both be true: Coulter is either Lyra's mother or she is not. But I have a feeling that not only animals and their alliances but logic itself is a little different in His Dark Materials , which makes it even more appealing and interesting to see.

See you here next week. Given the role of animals in His Dark Materials , I'm assuming the humans there don't celebrate Thanksgiving. His Dark Materials 1.

Wace, Walter E.

Labels: His Dark Materials , television. Sunday, November 24, Ray Donovan 7. Showtime was good enough to put up Ray Donovan 7.

It was no surprise that Mickey survived the explosion, because we saw the back of his head, still attached to the back of his body, standing and alive, in the coming attractions last week. And, as far as I know, the four-leaf clover which Mickey put in his wallet and then saw all over in all kinds of signs last week means only good luck not bad luck, right?

And then there's the fact that we all would have known had Jon Voight been leaving the show, which I'm very glad he is not. But it was still great to see the various scenes of the brothers finding out about Mickey's death and grieving. The final scene of that, in the house, with Ray turning from laughter and jokes to tears and everyone raising a glass to Mickey was one of the most memorable of the series. Mickey's apparent death was well worth it, just for that. He also can now really lead a charmed life. As a dead man, no one will be looking for him. Any number of crimes committed before his presumed death can be pinned on him, with no adverse effects to him or the rest of the Donovan family.

That's good luck indeed. As for other characters, it was great seeing Bunch being the hero in the drugstore. Lena was in typically good shape, too, and I'm hoping she delays her plans to return to LA, indefinitely. Terry's path is one we've seen before, but Mickey's survival shows the vision Terry had was just that, an imaginary vision, which is good to know, too.

The Bridget story is getting more interesting, too, especially with the flirtation she's having with that guy in the recording studio. Looks like we're in for an excellent season of Ray Donovan this year. See also Ray Donovan 7. Ray Donovan 6. Ray Donovan 5. Ray Donovan 4. Ray Donovan 3. Ray Donovan 2. Ray Donovan 1.

Labels: Jon Voight , Ray Donovan , television. Saturday, November 23, Emergence 1. A fast-moving episode 1. I hope the rest of the season continues at this pace. We learn a lot.

Big Sister

Emily is Kindred's daughter. She created Piper - or, rather, got Wilkis to create her - to satisfy Emily's need to have someone who really loved her. But, for reasons we still don't completely know or understand, the AI that is Piper wound up with a mind of her own. But it's a mind vulnerable to what we would otherwise call hacking. Emily can hack into her "daughter's" mind and get Piper to see and do all kinds of things.

But one thing Emily didn't count on is the feeling Piper has developed for Jo and her family. And in episode 1.

And, whatever exactly Piper now is, she's now likely to stay at least somewhat free of the hacks. Jo shoots out the master computer which contains and directs or whatever the code that is inside Piper. Which means, if I understand that correctly, that no one can now put ideas into Piper's head. She is what she now is.

But this doesn't mean she will stay that way. Because, although she may be free now of outside interference, she's still evolving or So now the title of this series becomes more clear. It's about an AI in the body of a girl which is evolving into who knows exactly what.

Whether this was intended by Emily and Wilkis is not clear. Perhaps her emergence was intended, perhaps it's an expression of the programming gone wrong. A good puzzle, all in all, and more than enough to keep me watching.


Emergence 1. Labels: Emergence , television. If you'd like to hear that song, there's rough mix of it, right above this post, right above the snowy window. But speaking of songs, one of the best surprises for me of the evening was Kari Maaren, who sang two songs, one about a nerd, one about a werewolf, with her ukulele and her delightful, strong, funny as in laughing voice.

The songs both had clever, bouncy lyrics, just my cup of tea. They've not yet been released.

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But Kari has released a CD, which I couldn't resist listening to and reviewing here. And if you'd like to know why I like rhymes so much, you'll find at least part of the explanation here. Tuesday, November 19, His Dark Materials 1. I'm enjoying His Dark Materials , most of all the nature, behavior, and variety of the Daemons.

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As I understand them, they're some sort of external manifestation of the humans they're connected with, including their human sensibilities, with perhaps some other things that Daemons have on their own. They clearly die - literally de-materialize - when their human partner is killed. We saw an example of that in episode 1. And conversely, when someone's daemon causes someone else's pain, that daemon's pain is felt by its human. In both cases, Coulter or her daemon are the source of the damage. And we've seen her hit her daemon - when she did this, we didn't see Coulter feel any apparent pain.

Feeling no pain, meting out punishment, adds to Coulter's sinister luster as a first-class, memorable villain. Ruth Wilson plays this part perfectly. And other questions abound: if a daemon is killed, will its human counterpart die, too? Presumably not for Coulter, but how about everyone else? If humans can in some cases survive the death of their daemons, can they bond with or generate another one?

Are they another one of her daemons - does she have multiple daemons - or are the spy flies yet something else?

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