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When I was 22 I wrote a novel that was published and made me some quite good money. They average about 20, words, are character-driven and fairly plot-intensive.

A collection of any four would be about the length of a novel. Is there a market for such things? Yes, check out my list of novella publishers. Book Fox, Hello, today is November 4, I am writing a non-fiction book on grief , and writing it has been quite difficult, so therefore I have to take a break now and then however, it has been therapeutic for me to say the least. The question I have how many may pages would be appropriate to bring a grief book to end if there is such a thing.. I would appreciate a reply at your earliest conveniences.

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Sincerely, Clara Murrels. My three passions are stone carving, brewing small batches of beer and writing short stories not necessarily in that order , all of which I have long classified as art. It is art that I do for myself, not for fame or monetary gain, but for the enjoyment, the solitude, the journey, and of course the successful completion of the piece — whatever it may be. We live in the country but the stories were about what was happening in the nearest large city.

There is now doubt that what I recall and what actually happened are different, so I am having one main character, a detective, relating his adventures in 1st person. My stories are running between 1, word and 5, words. Thanks for you answer and I enjoyed you website. Yes, Munro is really a special case. I mean, she really is one of the greatest short story writers of all time, and I feel like her most well known short stories are a bit longer, so I had to include them. I am told that a first time novel should be 80, words. I am now at 50, and I have a choice to chop it down to 5, or increase it to 80, I think that the lengths for all the different stories seems pretty average.

My last story story was probably just over 2, words which I wrote over four years ago. I really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing!

My experience begins with Wattpad recently. However, I have this setback with myself. I happen to always compare my own story with others since I still read many of novels written by other writers in Wattpad and Inkitt. Let alone published novel with perfect editing and storyline. Is this wrong to compare my own story with others?

It does give me less confident and decrease interest to continue my own story because I see the flaws now. Yet my imagination still there roaming around my storyline. I am in no way an accomplished author or brimming with experience in regards to this, but I am on Wattpad so I thought I might see if I could help you out a little. I most definitely have. Then I convince myself to write them later, when I feel like, not right now.

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Hello there, Thank you for compiling this information and presenting the data the way that you did. If by the off-chance you have not sailed through any of his literary passages, I urge you to get rowing with promises of pink skies. I have been writing a novel for a few years and am at about the 80, word mark. Would you suggest that I keep writing or scrap it and start again? What is your general advice on editing i. As another newbie author I wish to thank you for compiling this information. I found it most helpful as I often wonder if my work is long enough or is it short enough to be a short story??

Now I see the many categories and find — mine all fit somewhere.

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The issue with writing first and classifying it later as someone has mentioned is that short stories have different foundations and structures than novels. Short stories typically only have one climax, very few characters, and only one or two if on the 20k word side setting, and occur within a very short time frame. Short stories often jump right into an action and provide a little back story as the action takes place. Novels on the other hand tend to have a lot of descriptive language and back story long before getting to an action.

Novels also have more than one problem. There are many ups an downs, twists and turns, spanned over a longer period of time, but short stories do not have that luxury since they are by nature, shorter.

Who Killed Woodbine Scab? A Short Story by Gavin G. Smith

Knowing what kind of story you are intending to write I think needs to be at the forefront of your mind. On the higher end, they are often times called Novelettes or Novellas, which may require an extra setting or character depending on the story. After all, I sent a great amount of dollars over the years to Mr. And there were so many! Comic books are a big thing. But yes, the spirit of the statement on the graphic is probably true.

Ask yourself the following questions:. Characterization deals with how the characters in the story are described.

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In short stories there are usually fewer characters compared to a novel. They usually focus on one central character or protagonist. Ask yourself the following:. The plot is the main sequence of events that make up the story. In short stories the plot is usually centered around one experience or significant moment. Consider the following questions:. The narrator is the person telling the story.

By point of view we mean from whose eyes the story is being told. The following are important questions to consider:. Conflict or tension is usually the heart of the short story and is related to the main character. He finds Mrs Crasthorpe crassly babbling, and wonders if she might be drunk. Again, another writer might leave it there — might leave it in what would be a sub-Trevor way with an ambiguous ending: might not Etheridge, in his loneliness, still succumb in one way or another?

But this is the real Trevor. He sensed his own pity, not knowing why it was there. She wept because she loved him as she did no other human being. She always would. This relates to an incident whose significance escaped me for two readings. And it makes us understand that there is a third grief present in the story, this time for the living, not the dead. Trevor does not make a point of being demanding or obscure; but he is very subtle.

This pattern of readerly doubt and misprision is typical of a William Trevor story. We will be presented with an event — an accident in the street, a death, a funeral, a chance meeting, an abandonment — that will widen into a situation between two or more characters. Automatically, we predict where the story might be going. None but those with a complete mastery of fiction can walk this line.

He was and will remain the Irish William Trevor.

The Next-to-Last Time I Was Shot Out of a Cannon – exclusive short story

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