The Lives of Transgender People

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Baey says: "I think people tend to assume that transgender identity or gay identity is a lifestyle choice or preference. But I've come to learn that it's a deep-seated identity, and people pay tremendous costs to just be who they are. These costs are not just physical, but emotional, social and financial as well. She adds: "Transitioning is not just about undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

There are folks who choose not to go through the full transitioning Who is to argue that a person is male or female enough to be called truly a man or woman?

HIV and Transgender People

One of her subjects, Jose Jude, 30, is featured in a series of eight photos showing him binding his chest. Jose, who came out to his Catholic Indian family in , felt it was important to exhibit these pictures. Sometimes it gives you a terrible backache after a long day. It's not easy to put on that binder every day.

Baey hopes visitors to the exhibition will "take time to step in and experience the journeys these individuals have gone through". We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused. Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles. But a log-in is still required for our PDFs.

At least 22 transgender people have been killed this year. But numbers don't tell the full story

But I had to take my chest binder off too. It was something I wore every day, it's uncomfortable for me not having it. They prefer to have short hair. He had already had top surgery. At first there was no side effect but the longer he was in there without testosterone, the more furious and irritable he became. He had a fight with everyone.

They only cared whether he followed the rules.

Representation offices

Six months later, there was a blood test, but it was not mandatory. We could choose if we wanted to have our blood tested or not. Back in the past, the blood test was mandatory and some people tested positive for HIV. Some inmates struggled with the result of the test and wanted to commit suicide. This is not just for us transmen, but for everyone.

The Trans Sex Worker Struggling With Life On The Street: Stacey Dooley Investigates

Especially for older inmates so they can exercise to prevent muscular weakness. And I wish there would be chest binders. I once wrote into the comments box that I wish chest binders would be provided to Toms.

Project MUSE - Toward Trans* Epistemology: Imagining the Lives of Transgender People

But this request was denied due to their fear of breast cancer among inmates. Electronics would be fine, or preferably graphic design or other computer stuffs. Nowadays, anyone knowing about computers has more advantage.

I was sewing and there was no job for me outside prison. Will you be able to work? How will you perform? We cannot trust you because you were in jail before.

Zeed was one of about 30 transwomen among 5, inmates. She spent 4 years in prison. I was very embarrassed—there were so many cis men around. I felt really uncomfortable… Only transwomen who had both bottom and top surgery were allowed to use private bathrooms. Even inmates who had top surgery were not allowed to order them. Only transwomen who have both top and bottom surgeries were allowed to do so.

Another worry was random drug searches and urine tests.

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They asked us transwomen to be naked in front of the male officers and then we had to bend over. Even transwomen with top surgery still had to do it.