The Mysterious Connection on 11/11/11 at 11:11am

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Just throwing it out there.

1111 Spiritual Meaning – 11 Reasons Why You Keep Seeing 11:11

I like your idea of the winged sphinx being the Path Transportation hall. Martin, Scott and Taylor, wow with the information. I have to go the post office tomorrow and purchase some postage for my mail. I hope I can see that poster of the 33 cent stamp.

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Taylor and Martin, I have heard Shakespeare and the notion of that name being a cover for the real writer-James Dee. I never bothered to look into it; there is way to much going on as it is. They might merely have known each other and conspired in the sonnet work and plays. If someone has already mentioned it here, I apologize. I could be wrong on this my memory is going , but I think I heard that James Dee also used the code of for his name and that James Bond was based on James Dee being a secret agent and consultant etc for Queen Elizabeth.

It all started around everywhere I looked I kept noticing the number When I checked the time, open a book it kept popping up constantly. Does any of this mean anything to anyone out there who seems to be noticing strange numbers repeating? Sherrie, you had mentioned that you have used your Bible to help you study the meaning of numbers.

11:11 – Coincidence Or Destiny?

I would suggest you consult the web-link below, as it will be very helpful to you. I recently watched your 4-hour video and have since came to your website for viewing. I want to say hi and thanks for all of your contributions that I have seen so far in this website and conglomerate video. I noticed something with your pyramid overlay of the WTC. I went to this website and found some interesting info on WTC before and after:.

There is a 52 story rhombus shaped tower and a pyramid shaped park in the old quadralateral footprint of WTC 7.

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They are all aglow in bright red, so that they can see themselves and the world around them reflected. The number of man is 6 and man plus the self sustaining 1 equals divine perfection, 7. This flower is sitting in the middle of an 8 pointed star made of water spouts. Hope this proves useful to you. BTW, has anyone mentioned yet that the so-called end of world according to the Mayan calender of adds up thus:. Hi, a friend has just shared your site with me, very interesting reading here. I had no idea that the WTC towers total measure is feet… I find that interesting as when divided by 12, we get feet, which is the height of the Washington Monument.

I do hope, they keep an eye, on our monument. I have seen twice a day for three years now. I do not know what to make of this information. I am interested in what you think of this moving, and the positions. Armed Forces, also known as veterans. It is a federal holiday that is observed on November The pillar provides a place of honor and reflection for veterans, their family and friends, and those who want to show their respects to those service men and women who have and continue to courageously serve the United States.

I was running in Bush Terminal Park, along the Brooklyn shoreline, looking at the new tower. I remembered the picture of OZ next to NY. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I never saw the movie but the image of Snakes on a Plane resonates with Snake Eyes and the planes that flew into the twin towers which started the trauma-based War on Terra programming: Notice how Hollywood taps into the morphic field of the Rod of Osiris: Image taken Alec Ratcliffe in Bolton The letter S surely symbolizes slithery serpents.

In Freedom Tower I discuss how the Kaaba is the inversion of Reflecting Absence: Image courtesy Mark Gray Mark Gray has blown my mind again with the following: The following photo reveals that there are actually 33 tables in a Phi spiral, 9 planters, and 3 pyramids surrounding the Sphere in the former WTC Courtyard count them.

Why Do I Keep Seeing ? It's A Message From The Universe! - Gala Darling

A visit. This means that the initiate journey into his soul must be a two-way journey, like the course followed on a labyrinth, which ends by returning to the starting point. The initiate must not seek to remain inside. He goes and comes back.

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  8. He visits. The interior, the inside. Earth, one of the alchemical elements. The ground, the basis, and also the material, terrestrial as opposite to spiritual or ethereal. The body. Like rectified alcohol. This means at the same time an act of purification and of straightening. Whatever is bent must be straightened. The straight path must be followed. By rectifying our thoughts and our actions we shall find the hidden truth. Coming upon something previously unknown. Are You a 'Lightworker'? Are You an 'Old Soul'? Thank You for Understanding. You will be surprised, mesmerized, entertained and even freaked out by the power and presence of It really feels like a magical moment and seeing it kind of stops you in your tracks.

    There are different ways to interpret what 11 means. Give it time to digest and get a clearer picture. Trust your own intuition, stay open, enjoy the magic and synchronicity, and enjoy the celestial ride. But moreover, be in the 'moment' when it occurs. A Sign of the Times. Everything is energy and earth is a conscious, sentient being, as are we. Earth is shifting and we are moving into a new reality, and many people are conscious of this on some level. It is a dimensional sign of our changing times, and it signals that you also are in at one with this shift, and a part of all of this change.

    ❤️🔐6 Signs Your TWIN FLAME is Coming Back (11:11)

    It is like a powerful transmission of higher peace and light energy.