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They interviewed a highly elite group of 11 French male table-tennis players who were recorded onto video while playing during a match. The interviews took place soon after the matches while the players watched themselves on the video. This method allowed the researchers to find out how the players felt at each point in the game. They could also assess emotions throughout the match, not just at one point. In their analyses, they compared "single point" emotions experienced at one time with "multiple point" emotions, those that carried over two or more exchanges of points.

Although we typically think of emotions as occuring one by one, Martinent and his team believed that people can experience more than one emotion at a time. Your emotional experience, in other words, is a blend of all the feelings that rush through you at once in any given situation. To psych themselves up, some competitors trash talk their opponents, and in the process build up their feelings of anger. Competitors may also feel anger toward themselves.

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Will your anger toward your opponent weaken your performance, causing you to become irrational and sloppy? Alternatively, will anger fire you up and allow you to strike with fierce and unerring accuracy? We assume that anxiety is debilitating, but is too little going to lead you to rest on your laurels and lose due to lack of effort? All other things being equal, players who are in control of their emotions—the polished professionals—will be the ones to emerge as the victors.

Outlandish, overly histrionic displays may sell game tickets, but they will make for erratic players who end up losing out when the championships medals or cash is awarded.

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They may also be more likely to be penalized for such unsportspersonlike actions as spiking the ball in U. When looked at over the course of more than one exchange of points, the players were also likely to experience a blend of emotions rather than just one at a time. These combinations included a blend of two emotions such as self-oriented anger and disappointment, discouragement and disgust, and self-oriented anger and anxiety. Some players felt as many as four emotions over the course of two or more shot exchanges.

Clearly, the experience of playing a highly competitive sport brings out a complex array of emotional reactions. Not all emotions are equal in helping our hindering your ability to compete.

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In the Martinent study, many players actually felt that they could ignore their emotional reactions at any one point in time while they focused on the shot. In twice as many cases, though, the players felt that their emotions detracted from their ability to score.

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The most helpful emotions were serenity, hope, and joy and the most debilitating were discouragement and self-directed anger that persisted over multiple points. The emotions of relief, pride, and disappointment had no effect on performance. Depending on the situation, the players felt that the negative emotions of anxiety and self-directed anger over a single missed point could help or hinder their performance.

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This study highlights the complexity of our emotional reactions over the course of a competitive situation. In summary, to succeed in competition, in whatever form you encounter it, you can benefit from these 5 strategies:. Let the games begin! Martinent, G.

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A descriptive study of emotional process during competition: Nature, frequency, direction, duration and co-occurrence of discrete emotions. Nicholls, A. A path analysis of stress appraisals, emotions, coping, and performance satisfaction among athletes.

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Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph. Her latest book is The Search for Fulfillment. While it can be difficult to lead while not playing—Brooks will sit out the season in accordance with NCAA transfer roles—and difficult to lead as a newcomer, neither has been an issue for the new Miami big man. For Brooks, leadership is not about how long you have been around or whether you are on the court. Rather, it is about much more than that, including learning from those around you.

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Some people love me, some people hate me; that's their decision," Brooks said. To the people who see me as a newcomer and don't really want to follow my lead, that's up to them because it's not technically my lead. I'm leading the way the coaches want me to lead. I'm another attachment of the coaches, just in a player form. It may seem a little different with me sitting on the sideline, but I'm a person who has played the game for a while and I hope they can take my advice into consideration because I'm not trying to steer them in the wrong way," Brooks continued. I'm always going to be here for them to learn something.

And I can learn something; leaders are the best learners. I can learn something from the younger guys that I might not be able to see the first time, but they teach me something. So, it's a give and take thing; you give respect to get respect. While they may not be quantifiable like averaging a certain number of points or reaching a particular blocked shots total, they are important nonetheless.