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‘It’s grim and exploitative’

ML: Why did you record the song? AY: We feel that we recorded this song because it honestly touched us. It said something honest, raw and important and that to me is what defines American Young at the core.

5 Seconds Of Summer - Youngblood (Alt Version)

ML: Any specific lyrics within the song really strike a chord with you? AY: To us the lyric sometimes love is a white flag hit home.


We felt that some of the magic of love is surrendering to make it succeed instead of always having the need to win. Another lyric is or a pistol in your hand : how many times has love driven someone crazy? We think it's a part of the conversation.

Not pretty, not polite but definitely real. Let us know in the comments Ahh the age of Instagram and Pinterest, how I love and loathe you so. Is it possible to have too much information at your fingertips? Too many ideas for one project? I often note how grateful I am that our wedding was before the days of Pinterest remember those days?

Young House Love | DIY Home Decorating Projects, Tutorials, & Shenanigans

A much simpler time when inspiration came solely from a very specific search on the knot. And now, after an unfortunate leak in our kitchen, we find ourselves thrown into the vortex of a kitchen renovation.

Lusty for Monday mornings

In the age of Pinterest. With no budget for an actual designer. With three young kids at home. One of the highlights of our summer was a road trip to my brother-in-law's family farm, just outside of Barrabou, WI.

My sister and I loaded up our six kids and hit the road, for around four hours. The drive was sunny and beautiful, with queen anne's lace flowers lining the sides of the endless highways.

When we arrived at the charming farmhouse, the sun was just about to set over the cornfield behind the back porch. Every summer the kids and I take a break from our every day routines that are required by life in Los Angeles and escape to my hometown in Minnesota. I never imagined that I would ever raise my kids anywhere but Minnesota, and although I love the world and family we have created in California, I want them to know this home too.

I dream for them to be as close to their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins as I was when they only lived a couple miles away.

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เพลง Too Young To Fall In Love

So we come here for the summer where the only thing on our schedule is making it to the local bakery in the morning before they sell out of cinnamon rolls. Just north of Santa Barbara, it's close enough to LA to make it up and back in one day, and also has a handful of adorable places to stay if we decide to turn it into a weekend away.

When Adam was born, it was our first overnight adventure as a new little family. As babies our kids were totally happy to snooze in a carrier all day, while we would wander around the cute little towns, visit wineries, and eat yummy food. Now that our kids are older, we've gravitated towards the charming parks, wide open fields, and wineries with fun outdoor activities that we can all play together.

10 of the Best Young Adult Books You'll Love in 12222 (So Far)

We are really big on play dough over here, at all ages. It's one of our go to open play activities, the kids will start with one project and inevitably it will evolve into something totally different within a few minutes. Today the girls made dinosaur land.

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  3. ‘It’s grim and exploitative’.
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