Zwischen Sein und Schein - Konstruktionen von Männlichkeit bei Arthur Schnitzler (German Edition)

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Equally important is that a group evolved out of the participating individuals that persists beyond the initial contact. Sometimes this included failing and starting over. Through his stark aesthetic, Alvin Lau shows us love in times of Tinder and we ask ourselves whether love has indeed become easier. Easy is the love between young homosexuals in Singapore, against all odds and beautifully depicted in the images of Lee Chang Ming. Likewise, Amrita Chandradas conveys the circumstances of life in Singapore with powerful portraits of a strong woman with a rare illness.

Asrul Dwi deals with the stigmatisation of mentally ill youth in Indonesia and portrays them with a gentle touch. Dennese Victoria experiments with the realm of possibility and observes what unfolds — her construction of an ideal family turns into a touching intimate play. In a small village in the Malaysian jungle Elliott Koon documents the journey of young Orang Asli who are growing up in a world caught between tradition and the modern age. The modern era in Vietnam appears slightly lost in reverie in the images by Linh Pham of people celebrating in Hanoi, relating to excessive isolation and the search for reorientation.

Muhammad Fadli captures the eccentricities of modified scooters — extravagant constructions, nailed and welded — in his portraits of Indonesians with their prized possessions. Kanel Khiev shows us the inhabitants of this house before it is demolished to make way for future development. The story of the house that Geric Cruz embarks on is of a private nature.

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The time of adolescence in Thailand displays an invariable, almost military uniformity — clothing and hairstyle are orchestrated for all adolescents, leaving no room for individuality. Watsamon Tri-yasakda portrays transgender teenagers in their uniforms, with imagery that enlightens the issue and allows us to smile over the impositions of the present-day.

With her poetic images, Yu Yu Myint Than introduces us to the dreams of a young woman in Myanmar who was severely abused and longs to return to her home village. Youth is a universal subject; photography is a universal language. Every viewer is or will have been young eventually and everyone likes to look at what might be the future one day. Images rendering this visible, remain forever present.

A Companion to the Works of Arthur Schnitzler

You can take a look and get the book here: www. Less than copies are available. Since its inception in Florence in , for most people Vespa is nothing sort of extraordinary. But for some, Vespa is an impeccable way of life. In many cities in Indonesia, a unique form of Vespa community thrives: Extreme Vespa. Like emerging from Mad Max movies, the riders—mostly are youngsters in their early twenties—wander around the country riding scooters which often looked too weird not only for outsiders, but also for people within the greater Indonesian Vespa scenes.

Some scooters have more than twenty tires attached to them. Some are adorned with bu alo skeleton, electrical pole, bamboos, fake gattling gun, or anything the riders could scrape along the road. Some of the riders even go further by rebuilding their Vespa out of a tree, or turn it into a DIY four-wheeler. For them, creativity has no limit and the original Vespa is merely just a starting point. Metalheads, punks, and Rastafarians are among the die-hard fans of this customized scooters.

This on-going series captures an insight into the community.

Arthur Schnitzlers Traumnovelle

I lived in Brooklyn for almost three years. I paid half for my own apartment in Berlin. Sometimes I had to wonder why I was shelling out my high rent acquiring significant student loan debt.

One month before I left our kitchen sink almost exploded when mud and dirt flew out of it onto the ceiling. But whatever I did to survive in Brooklyn I knew it was nothing compared to the bombed out recession 70s I learned about at NYU graduate school.

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I read that in one year — — New York City had almost 2, murders. So who were the artists specific to Brooklyn chronicling this time period? Who not only survived but thrived, capturing images of children playing among the debris of s Bushwick as well as a more buoyant s Williamsburg. The pace of change in Brooklyn is rapid. Larry, George and I met in recent years because of a common thread that connects and obsesses us — we were all C.

The program was defunded in The photos preserve its turbulent history with humour, insight and delicate humanity. When I was living there I remember navigating the large borough by bike. Will these photos make a difference? What is important to me are the relevant themes, the topics and content, which are above the discipline.

I want to show, discuss and work with material that has a social impact, significant to society and even obvious within our human nature.

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A lot has been written about how Michael Abramson, a young white student at the time, was able to infiltrate this scene — made to feel welcome so much that he photographed there for almost three years after initial hesitation. Not because it was exotic, in the misused sense of that word, but because it was so exhilarating. He was my longtime romantic partner but I knew little about the art world in general or photography in particular. Only that I had loved Michael and I treasured what he left, which included hundreds of vintage prints.

Like many strip clubs of its era, the theater hosted monthly events called Camera Night during which, for an extra fee, amateur photographers were invited to arrive before the regular show began to take as many candid shots of the strippers as they liked. Like the other men present, Michael initially went to take photos of the strippers, but as he surveyed the larger scene, it occurred to him to turn his camera on the other photographers — the sea of men continually clicking their shutters.

While the images are not nearly as graphic as say those of Robert Mapplethorpe — which portrayed men on men — these photographs of men looking at women can make a feminist like myself cringe.

When I shared her story and the images with a London professor friend of mine he wondered what had happened to all the pictures that the men had taken. I wondered too- did they develop them secretly? Others viewing the images pointed out to me the cost of purchasing porn in this pre-internet time. These gentlemen were creating their own personal porn supply! Multiple stories can be unpacked about these wild sometimes humorous and over the top pictures — coming out soon in book form.

Some call the scene truly sordid, but I wonder who is really holding the power in this gendered scenario. Within my gaze of the work I appreciate the wide smiles, the showbiz pizazz of the women, the relaxed atmosphere. A sign of the 70s — or men and women sharing an erotic experience? It looks like some are having fun. Or for the women is it just put-on?

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  • A performance? And the men. What do you see? For example, when beat poet Hettie Jones published the seminal poetry journal Yugen- its distribution was very small, but over time it became an important voice in American poetry introducing radical poets like Allen Ginsberg and Amir Baraka whose work resonates with us today. People who have responded to the images have talked about how the colour blue evokes our current collective political mood. The first images came out of a residency I did at a castle in Italy in The photos were from that castle and a nearby farmhouse.

    The cyanotype, a very early photo process from the s, links us to our past. In this political moment, which is so uncertain, it provides a kind of anchor. Like Janus, the Roman god of thresholds, looking forward and backward at the same time. A friend of mine had a dance company in Chicago called Cerulean [considered a deep sky blue]. For Accra, blue is a bridge to memory. For me, in these tumultuous American times gazing at these fresh delicately papered photos I feel a sense of new peace. Ist Instagram wirklich so langweilig? Posten alle nur Selfies und Essen? So richtig. Also kaufte ich mir eine Kamera, damit ich beim Flanieren genauer hinsehe und meinen Freunden und der Familie zu Hause zeigen kann, wie es ist, dieses Paris, dieser Sehnsuchtsort.

    Die teure Kamera kam in diesem Jahr nicht zum Einsatz. Ich hatte sie fast nie dabei.

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    Nie war es einfacher, mit Bildern zu kommunizieren und sie zu konsumieren. Wer Instagram in irgendeiner positiven Form aufgefallen war, wurde ein paar Wochen lang auf die Suggested User List gesetzt. Meist waren das zwei Wochen, in dieser Zeit wurden zwischen ca. Ich fand das ziemlich langweilig, denn obwohl das Medium auf Instagram Fotografie ist, ging es nicht darum.

    Amazing, dachte ich, das machen wir auf Instagram.